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For Membership, Please click the link below

Register with Clubmate which only requires your email address and password, please retain these details you will need them to book onto the Lake. (One email address per application)

You will also need to upload a passport style photo (head and shoulders only) with a plain background, Clubmate offers the opportunity to take a selfie during registration but again the above rules apply, you will not be allowed to change it after submission.

Payment can be made by either Debit or Credit card and is currently £50 p.a. plus a £1 online transaction fee (£25 + £1 concessions), until payment has cleared you are not a member, once cleared you can fish immediately.

Please make sure you fill in as many details as possible during the application as we cannot be held responsible for any errors leading to wrong information being entered on your part and subsequently delays in your application.

Once registered go to “Adult Membership Renewal” 

Hopefully it should be straight forward from there.

The Waiting List application is valid for 7 days, after which time you will be required to apply again. (Spaces allowing) and details held in Clubmate are automatically removed

Club and Lake rules can be viewed on this website, by joining you will automatically agree to abide by them.


Please allow up to 2 weeks for your Membership Card to arrive


Any problems email us , otherwise welcome to the club, hope to see you on the bank sometime and Tight Lines.

Adult Membership £50 plus £1 online transaction fee

Under 16,Over 65,Disabled £25 plus £1 fee

N.B, Membership is from Feb to Feb

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