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Ouston Springs Pond Rules

1.  When fishing this water you must have an Environment Agency License, Club                   Membership card or Day Ticket. These must be produced on demand

2. Parking is only allowed in the official car park, above the Ouston Springs farm.

3. No dropping off, of persons or gear, beyond the entrance to the farm.

4. Access to the car park is down passed the Red Lion pub.

5. Car park gates must be closed at all times after entering and leaving.

6. Fishing must be from the designated pegs only.

7. No persons are allowed on the railway embankment at any time.

8. Maximum of two rods per angler allowed (with consideration to other anglers.)

9. Semi Barbed and barbed hooks only.

10. Groundbait is allowed, up to a maximum of one kilogram. This must only be used      in a feeder or pole cup. 'No balling in.'

11. All rods and lines to be removed from the water, when not attended.

12. Any member found to have left litter, either at the pond or in the car park, will                  face an instant ban from the club and the pond!! TAKE YOUR LITTER HOME.

13. Floating hook baits can be used, but feeding of floating baits is not allowed.

14. No spinning, dead or live baiting.

15. No meat or sweetcorn tins allowed on the pond.

16. No netting or removal of fish.

17. No alcohol or drugs allowed on the bank side.

18. No friends or family are allowed around pond unless they are fishing.

19. No fires to be lit around the pond.

20. No dogs allowed when fishing.

21. No swimming or boating.

22. Specific fishing rules apply to all club matches. (See copy in book)

23.Annual General Meeting to be held the last Tuesday in January

24. Should any other matters arise, the Committee shall deal with the matter as they think fit. Any breach of these rules will mean disciplinary action and possible dismissal from the ROF Angling Club. 


These rules are for the benefit of you the member; you pay for the pond so lets all look after it.  

N.B. Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the current commitee

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